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Missouri State DRE Coordinator

Tracey Durbin

DRE/SFST State Coordinator

Missouri Safety Center

(660) 543-4524  office





A drug recognition expert (DRE), sometimes referred to as a drug recognition evaluator, is an individual who has successfully completed all phases of the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program's (DECP) training requirements for certification as established by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). A DRE is skilled in detecting and identifying persons under the influence of drugs and in identifying the category or categories of drugs causing the impairment.


Interested in becoming a DRE?  Click on link in navigator: DRE Qualifications - Applications





Shawn Hamre

Kansas City Police Department

Cell: 816-695-6112

Fax: 816-482-8219



Dan Penrod

Union Police Department

Office: 636-583-3700



Nikki Antimi

Boone County Sheriff’s Office

W573/875-1111   C573/881-1094       



Corporal Mark Winder
Troop E, Zone 5
Office:  573-243-5122 or 573-204-2919
Cell:  573-225-6066
Fax:  573-243-3617



Shawn Clawson
Springfield Police Department
321 E. Chestnut Expwy.
Springfield MO  65802
417-837-5878 ( office )
417-496-2071 ( cell )



Mike Halford

Missouri State Highway Patrol Coordinator

Troop F, Jefferson City

W573/751-1000   C573/645-3137


Tracey Durbin

UCMO Safety Center

Office: 660-543-4573

Cell: 660-441-1198





DRE-SFST Technical Panel Contact Information

As of April 26, 2016


1. W  Shawn Hamre     W816/482-8143   C816/695-6112

2  W  Scott Gary       W816/271-4777  C816/244-0441 


3.  MP Mike Halford W573/751-1000   C573/645-3137

4.  MP Ed Moses                 H636/456-9876   C636/290-8088


5.  E Dan Penrod              P636/583-3700   C314/308-2685

6.  E Art Amato    W636/583-3700  C636/584-1792


7.  C Nikki Antimi        W573/875-1111   C573/881-1094

8.  C TBA


9.  SW Shawn Clawson    W417/864-1787   C417/496-2071

10. SW Tony Dandrea     W417/864-1810   C417/380-4599


11. SE  Mark Winder  W573/243-5122  C573/225-6066

12. SE  Scott Nelson    W417/469-3121


13.  AM Tracey Durbin                   W660/543-4573    C660/441-1198

14.  AM TBA


15.  AM Jackie Rogers  W573/751-5960

16.  AM Susan Glass           W573/751-1629


17. AL Ron Baltzer  W816/325-7300  C816/616-9895  (6/17) 

18. AL Tim Wilson W417/358-8177 X1102  417/529-2506 (9/16)



** AM- Administrative Member

     AL- At Large Member


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